Why You Should Not Drive Without Insurance

driving without insurance

Earlier owning a car used to be a part of luxury. But in today’s time, it is being classified as part of one’s comfort. Going to work, traveling to a certain destination, going out for parties, all these have become very common now and due to all these long-distance commutes, the car has become almost a necessity for one and all. Therefore, more and more of us are buying a car. But are we also buying car insurance which has become mandatory in almost all states?

Every car which is running on the road should have a valid car insurance cover. This is why manufacturers have by default started including insurance premiums for a car insurance policy for a certain period (usually 1 year) when people are buying a new car. But once this time passes, one should always keep a check on the renewal of this car insurance. And here are the reasons why you should not be driving your car without insurance.

Heavy Fines

The government charges you heavy fines if you are caught driving without having a valid car insurance cover. And it is not just the monetary consequence that one faces once caught, some states may punish you under the law by sending you behind the bars. Who would want that? Isn’t it?

Pay Losses for Damages Caused

Unfortunately, if there’s an accident and you don’t have car insurance covered, you’ll be liable to pay the loss incurred to the third party (person as well as surrounding property) who got hit by your car. And not just that, if there’s any damage to your vehicle as well, it is you who’ll have to pay for repairs of all the damages. Due to all these factors, the financial strain one faces is inevitable.

No Claim Bonus Loss

If due to any reasons, you skip renewing your car’s insurance, and when you go back to buying an afresh policy, you’ll lose the ‘No Claim Bonus’ that gets accumulated in one’s policy. The car insurance plans provide a discount on the premium of the subsequent year if no claim is taken in the current year. This discount keeps increasing every year, which saves the premium outgo. If you let your policy lapse, you lose all the accumulated bonus and end up paying a higher premium at the time of renewal.


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