Why You Should Call 911 After an Accident

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When you get into an accident there are many things that start going through your head. Is someone in your car hurt? Is someone in the other car hurt? What is the damage like on your car? While people try to process what is happening, they often forget to call the police which can cause issues later when it comes time to claim insurance.

When you get into an accident, having the police file a report at the scene can later help with your insurance claim. This is because if there is no police report, it will be a case of he said, she said. If you have a witness at the time of the accident this is even better since the police can report who witnessed the accident and what they saw. When you get into an accident calling 911 ensures that everything is properly reported and also if someone is injured, first responders can be notified right away.

There are times when people get into an accident and when the insurance company is unable to assist, a lawyer may need to step in. Getting a proper police report created right after the accident can help your lawyer with your case as well. The more proof you have reported at the time of the accident the more accurate the insurance companies and lawyers will be able to make their case about your accident. 

There are a few steps you should remember if you ever get into an accident:

  1. Check for injuries
  2. Check to see if your passengers are okay
  3. Call 911 right away
  4. Don’t do anything until the police/first responders arrive
  5. Exchange license and insurance information
  6. Have a report created
  7. Call your insurance company


By taking the proper steps, you can ensure that your claims process moves along smoothly. Here at Leo’s Auto Insurance we like to educate our clients about the insurance process. Check our other resources or contact our insurance agency in Dallas if you have any questions about getting the right insurance for your needs. 


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