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renters insurance dallasIt is very important for the you to get renters insurance for the protection of your personal belongings.

There are three kinds of categories of insurance cover that create a renter’s insurance: 

  • private property coverage 
  • private liability coverage
  • loss-of-use coverage 

It is comparatively cheaper insurance than most of the other insurance costs and takes an average of $15-$16 a month. However, its cost does not affect the claim amount to a greater extent, the claim may range to thousands of dollars for mishappenings subject to the terms and conditions. Leo’s Auto Insurance offers to their customer’s various endorsements that they can use for their policy for extra coverage of certain valuable items. 

The major kinds of Insurance policy that are covered by us are:

  • Replacement cost value policy (RCV) – This kind of policy pays as per the charges of new belongings. 
  • Actual cash value policy (ACV) – This kind of policy pays out as per the depreciated amount of belongings for which the claim has been made.

Renting a place is common practice, but according to the data gathered by the Insurance Information Institute, there are only 37% of people who opt for renter’s insurance. It is a complete myth that landlords are liable for any damage caused to the belongings of renters. The insurance may cover the outer building structure but it will not extend to the damage caused to any of your personal belongings. There may be instances where landlords may require their renters to get a renter’s policy, but even if they don’t- having a renter’s policy is always a good option. The affordable rates offered at Leo’s Insurance will help you in keeping your pocket budget-friendly and save for future investments as well.  

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