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It is required by the Texas Transportation Code Chapter 601 to confirm that you are managing motor vehicle liability coverage. An SR-22 is issued by most insurance providers and guarantees that you have the base obligation insurance as needed by law. An insurance provider will automatically inform the Department when an SR-22 is dropped, ended, or passes.

You are required to file an SR-22 with the department if your driving privilege gets rejected due to a car crash

You are needed to keep up inclusion for a long time starting from the date of the conviction that requires an SR-22, or on account of a judgment against you because of an accident, two years from the date the judgment was delivered. An SR-22 is likewise required when a security store is being set with the Department as consistency for an accident or crash default suspension.

The driving right and vehicle registration may be rejected if:

  1. You are needed to record and keep up a legitimate SR-22 and you don’t have one on the document with the Department, or
  2. The Department gets a warning that the SR-22 on record has been dropped, ended, or passed, and another SR-22 has not been documented before the crossing out of the first arrangement.

To restore your driver license

  • Present a legitimate SR-22 to the Department
  • Pay the required $100 Reinstatement charge preceding the revision or issuance of your driver permit, notwithstanding paying some other outstanding charges owed

To check the status of your driver permit or to decide whether you are qualified for restoration, visit the License Eligibility page. This page will furnish you with data on what you should reestablish your driver permit or driving benefit, including any expenses you may owe. When all consistence things have been prepared and your suspension period has finished, your driver qualification status will be refreshed to reflect “qualified”.

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