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commercial liability insurance policy in Dallas, TXGeneral liability insurance (GLI), is also known as commercial liability insurance (CGL). It is one of the most important insurance policies available for any business. It is the second most important type of insurance in the United States that Leo Insurance Group, a Dallas, TX stablished insurance agency,  offers.

What is a commercial general liability insurance?

General commercial liability insurance is not required by law. Still, if you say the business harms you, general liability insurance can help you to cover the cost of settling claims. However, most companies do not have enough insurance to survive a significant claim against them.

General insurance liability can help to cover legal expenses arising from litigation for which the company may be legally liable.

General liability insurance covers defense and damage costs to justice if an injured third party is brought.

How can this type of insurance help me?

If a delivery man stumbles across loose carpets and breaks his wrist, general liability insurance can help pay medical bills and cover the cost of a lawsuit. Medical fees can also be covered by general liability insurance if someone falls at the office.

It can help you to protect your business when someone sues you for property or personal injury. General liability claims can have devastating consequences for your business so that this insurance can be brought out as a standalone policy or as part of a business insurance policy.

If personal injury or property damage is indicated for someone, liability insurance can cover the costs of defending or settling the dispute.

No matter from which industry you are, your business faces a certain level of liability, and general liability insurance can help protect it from a wide range of public claims.

General liability insurance virtually ensures that the company survives an accident or process that may occur in the course of your work. General liability insurance covers you until your liability insurance or the end of the warranty period.

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