Does Auto Insurance Cover Accidents on Private Property?

Almost all of us know what is to be done when accidents happen on the road. When the accident happens on the road, the accident is reported to the police, the complete scene is documented, and insurance information is exchanged. But not everyone knows what is to be done when someone hits your automobile when parked on private property. A lot of question arises in such scenarios like who is liable, what should be done when the driver hits the car and leaves the scene, and so on.

Report the Accident

No matter where you are or in what scenario you have got involved in the car accident, the first thing that one should be doing is reporting that accident to the police. Even if it has occurred on your private property, you should still get in touch with the police. In a lot of cases, law enforcement officers are less eager to participate in the creation of a report if the accident has happened on private property. And the reason behind this is that they don’t have jurisdiction of determining fault or issuing citations. Nonetheless, they can document the scene for you and provide the police report of that incident which can help you in getting you the claim from insurance companies.

Along with that, the owner of the private property should be intimated about the occurrence of such an incident as that can help you in getting the required recordings or CCTV footage.

Who is Liable?

When an accident occurs on private property, it is not just the driver who is considered liable for the mishap. Both the parties along with the owner of the property are considered at the fault. There can be a situation where the accident might occur because of the blind spots created by the construction at the garage where the car was parked or because of any reasons where the property owner can also be considered liable. Because of such reasons the owner of the property might also get involved in the case.

How Do You Handle An Accident?

The moment you get involved in an accident on private property where your automobile is hit by another driver, the first thing that you should do is get a police report. Next, if you or someone else was in the vehicle and has been injured because of the impact, seek proper medical attention. And finally, get in touch with your insurance agent with all the details documented at the earliest to get the maximum benefits from your insurance coverage.

Leo’s Auto Insurance

Leo’s Auto Insurance understands that such accidents can happen to anyone, this is why we are listing down the proper steps to handle such situations. If you are looking for auto insurance, get in touch with Leo’s Auto Insurance as we do cover accidents that happen on private property. As per your requirement, we will help you in getting the most out of your premium so that you can stay protected financially if any such mishap happens with you.

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