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Avoid Traffic Accidents

How to Avoid Traffic Accidents

We all know that accidents happen. Some might happen because of your mistakes and others are due to the mistakes of others. However, if you drive safely, you can surely avoid the mishap. Preventing accidents is easier when you know what exactly to do. Sometimes it is the obvious things that lead to the larger […]
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What is a Texas SR22?

SR22 is a certificate kept on file issued by the auto insurance company when the driver’s license is suspended due to any reason. This certificate is kept under the guidance of the Department of Public Safety of Texas when there’s a suspension of the license. This certificate is issued for 3 years when there’s any […]
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driving without insurance

Why You Should Not Drive Without Insurance

Earlier owning a car used to be a part of luxury. But in today’s time, it is being classified as part of one’s comfort. Going to work, traveling to a certain destination, going out for parties, all these have become very common now and due to all these long-distance commutes, the car has become almost […]
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Why You Should Call 911 After an Accident

When you get into an accident there are many things that start going through your head. Is someone in your car hurt? Is someone in the other car hurt? What is the damage like on your car? While people try to process what is happening, they often forget to call the police which can cause […]
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student driver


There are quite a few ways for you to lower your insurance rate. Whether you are a good driving or a great student, often times insurance companies offer discounts if you can show them that you are less of a risk. A way they can determine if you are less of a risk is by […]
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There is no official policy called DUI or DWI insurance, but since many companies do not insure DUI drivers, the term is used to draw attention to incidents when they take out auto insurance. If you have a DUI or DWI we may still be able to help you get insured. Depending on the condition, […]
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