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There is no official policy called DUI or DWI insurance, but since many companies do not insure DUI drivers, the term is used to draw attention to incidents when they take out auto insurance. If you have a DUI or DWI we may still be able to help you get insured.

Depending on the condition, a DUI can be defined as driving under the influence of alcohol or driving a motor vehicle while impaired. In most states, the maximum penalty for a DUI is very hefty and can cause you to pay many fines. DUIs can remain on your criminal record for life and be recorded on your driving record in Texas for many years. Due to this, when it comes time to get car insurance, your rates or ability to get insured can be affected.

Insurance companies could consider denying or even insuring you, but only if you were arrested. If an insurer accepts a DUI driver and increases each DUI rate by an average of 6%, the insurer can pass the customer’s DUI on to the insurer. The first DUI increases the tax rate to $6, the second DUI by $5, then the third DUI, and so on, to a total of $10,000.

dui insuranceIf you have never had an accident or exceeding the speed limit, your speed is unlikely to increase as much because a DUI is the only record that hits you. The time since your DUI will be responsible for the increase if you’ve had an accident while drunk at the wheel, you’re insured for a total of $10,000, not just the first DUI. You can also see a reduction in your car insurance premium if the DUI violation no longer appears in the car’s report.

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