DWI - Car insurance in DallasAuto insurance is one of the mandatory documents needed when you are driving a vehicle in Dallas, Tx. If a driver is convicted under DUI (Driving Under the Influence) or DWI (Driving While Intoxicated), the premium rates in these cases can immensely go high. Leo’s Auto Insurance understands that and can help you get the auto insurance and coverage at a much cheaper price if you are convicted of DWI.

A car insurance protects you financially when you are behind those wheels. When you go for filing auto insurance, there are a lot of service providers offering this service and each company has a different premium to offer. Not just that, the premium also varies depending on the driving condition of the vehicle.

Effects of DWI on Coverage and Costs

If your driver’s license is revoked or suspended because of DWI, there’s a high possibility that your current insurer may drop your policy and never renew it in the coming times. Also, you may get a difficult time getting the new coverage. This conviction leaves a huge impact on the records of the driver, which may stay with him for up to 10 years or even a lifetime.

This is why you may have to pay higher amounts in comparison to what you were paying earlier. This increase in the premium depends on numerous factors like:

  • Assessment of your insurance company for drivers with DWI record
  • Frequency of happening of DWI offense, whether it is your first time or a recurrent thing
  • The total number of DWI records altogether
  • Age of driver
  • Time lapsed between the last DWI offense recorded to your driving file
  • Drivers overall driving history including the number of accidents that happened, or number of speeding tickets issued

Minimum Coverage

So as to get the new insurance coverage after being convicted for DWI, it is really important to ensure that proper guidelines for coverage are being met. And as per the guidelines, there are certain minimum amounts of liability that are to be covered so as to get new insurance. This liability coverage includes the following aspects:

  • Bodily Injury liability per person
  • Bodily Injury liability per accident
  • Property Damage liability

Looking for a DWI coverage in Dallas?

Leo’s Auto Insurance has extensive experience in dealing with such cases. If you are someone who is convicted under DWI, get in touch with us today and get your car insurance covered at much cheaper rates with a very quick turnaround time.

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