6 Effective Methods to Cope with a Car Crash

car crash

Car crashes can be pretty unpredictable. It does not matter how carefully you drive down the road, there is no guarantee that you will not come across a reckless driver that hits your vehicle out of the blue. Therefore, it is important for you to know how you can tackle such unfortunate situations. Let us straight away jump into the essential steps that you shall follow post a car crash. 

  • See Whether You’ve Got Bruises 

After experiencing a car accident, your first job is to check whether you or your passengers have been injured. If you spot any bruises, then immediately call the ambulance, along with the cops to make sure you or your passengers are healed and the car crash is also officially reported. It is better to not waste any time waiting separately for medical and police help, so dialing 911 is the first thing to go for. 

  • Don’t Block the Road

Try and remove your wrecked vehicle away from the main road. If still drivable, park it to a side. But this is only possible if you and your passengers are uninjured and safe. Before moving away your car, it is extremely important to make sure your passengers are out of it and kept in a safe place, for example — a footpath. However, if your car is not moveable or if you are too injured to move it away, then make use of its emergency lights to warn other road vehicles about the crash. 

If the accident is too severe and the car is on the brink of explosion, then move away from it and make sure others too, are out of its way. 

  • Self-report the Crash and Swap Necessary Information

Most of us never leave our house without our smartphones. Therefore, use your smart device to make a video of the entire accident scene and take multiple pictures of your car from various angles. You can do this while the police are on their way, instead of wasting the free time waiting for them. Make sure your video and pictures cover the car numbers and colors. If you don’t have a smartphone with you, then grab a pen and paper and try to clearly draw the entire scene. 

Once you’re done self-documenting the incident, swap necessary information like car numbers, name, phone number and license details of the other driver. 

  • Don’t Let Insurance Companies Fool You

Post the car crash and the self-documentation of the incident, take some time to decide which insurance policy will best cover the accident. For instance, if it was the fault of the driver against you, then their insurance shall cover the damage incurred by you. If you are injured, then they also become liable for the payment of your required healthcare. 

Wondering what would happen if the other driver didn’t have an insurance coverage in the first place? In that case, all your expenses would be taken care of by the Uninsured Motorist Coverage which is applicable for most states. These are important pieces of information. If you are unaware of it, then chances are that shrewd, reckless drivers may easily get rid of paying you your deserved reimbursement. 

  • Take Decisions Regarding Claims Carefully 

The accident can be your fault, the opponent driver’s fault or just a casual clash with no one’s fault in general. The damage might be really minor, say, a slight dent on your vehicle. If so is the case and you felt it’s your fault, then you might settle the matter by paying the small repair fee to the other driver. Doing this can save you from the hassle of running to and from insurance companies.

However, if the damage is severe, and you feel confident about the other driver being at fault, then let the officials handle the matter. You already know the rules, so make a claim to get back your deserved compensation. 

  • Look for Cheaper Insurances 

Now that you are well aware of the pros and cons of insurances, it is always a smart move to dedicate some time to look for insurances that are affordable and serve right. There are profit oriented insurance firms who will send you an expensive bill, even if the accident was not your fault. On the other hand, there are genuine companies who decrease the rate when it’s the other driver’s fault. Thus, choosing a firm which has similar operations as the latter is definitely what you should opt for. 

To sum up, always be prepared for uncertainties and embrace them with wisdom and calm, instead of complicating matters by arguing or blaming the other driver. Let the police judge the overall incident, but make sure you collect enough proof to save yourself by clicking pictures and collecting important verdict from the witnesses. To learn more contact our insurance agency in Dallas, TX.

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